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Do we trust the information provided by the referendum campaigns?


Do we trust the information provided by the referendum campaigns?

Now it is decided who is leading the campaigns for and against EU membership, both sides have started flooding us with information. Here at Voxter we wanted to get a better idea of what this war of information actually means to us voters. Does it change minds? Is it really perceived as informative, or just treated as biased?

In our recent large scale discussion for British Future, we asked over 1,000 people their views on Brexit.* Besides asking people directly what they think, we also let people talk to each other and say what is on their minds.

What we found was a big surprise:

More than half the population does not trust any of the information!

51% don't trust either side

Are there any interesting demographic patterns? Well it seems quite consistent across different demographics, like gender and age, and as you might expect along political lines and intentions to vote. However:

71% of those who are undecided about how they will vote do not trust any of the information from either campaign.

You might think that the undecided are undecided because they need more information, but what this is telling us, is that it does not seem this will come from the campaigns. That makes the job of predicting how they would vote much more difficult. See here for some more information about who these undecided voters are.

Our research also uncovers what people actually talk about and how others rate that. Here are some of the things people say and how others rate it:

"Real scared whichever one I choose as no clear advice out there"

Undecided female 51 year old Conservative voter.
78% of the undecided agree with this, compared to 61% overall.

And a reaction to this:

"Exactly.. what we all need is a clear balanced and unbiased explanation based on facts of what it all will mean if we are in or out. However no-one is providing anything but opinions and supposition"

42 year old male Labour voter, probably voting to Remain.
89% of 119 people agree with this.

"I should say this is unknown, and unlikely. There is lots of talk from those wishing to leave about the money we pay out, with less emphasis on the benefits. Each side is presenting only the facts that suit their view. It's difficult for the ordinary 'man in the street' to pick out what is relevant and pertinent."

44 year old female Conservative voter, definitely voting to Leave.
85% of 68 people agree with this.

So it seems the campaigns have their work cut out for them. To have any chance of persuading the undecided, they need not only to provide persuasive arguments but to gain their credibility!

*The survey was carried out on 31 March and 1 April among a nationally representative sample of 1,018 UK adult residents.


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