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Voxter has great potential for truly participatory research that can improve communication, accountability, and plurality for the Public Sector, NGOs, Membership Organisations and Charities.



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Research in the Third Sector

Charities and NGOs are being squeezed in all directions, with ever tighter regulatory controls, a more competitive fundraising landscape, and a need to demonstrate impact to many diverse stakeholder groups.

Research, in the form of M&E or Impact Assessment, is tremendously important, but different stakeholder groups are interested in different outputs. Regulators may require quantitative data on outcomes, while the marketing department may be more interested in more qualitative, storytelling-type outputs. Add in further communications needs, for advocacy, beneficiary feedback, and so on, and you may need a more refined mix of quant and qual.

Increasingly, the two cannot and should not be separated, as accountability and trust are crucial to donors, employees and beneficiaries just as much as DfID and the Charity Commission.

You can get both the numbers and the narratives, and put research at the centre of your organisation.

Introducing Voxter

What if you could get great narratives, with great data to confirm that you aren't cherry-picking unrepresentative stories?

Voxter was created by experts in interaction design and political economy from the London School of Economics, with the express intention of enabling large-scale democratic processes online. Large numbers of participants interact and share experiences, opinions and stories, while rating eachother's ideas, and answering survey questions to get that core quantitative data.

Your Project

A Voxter survey can work on its own, or alongside other methodologies, such as depth interviews. We design, moderate and facilitate the discussion. Then we analyse the data and provide an independent report into the results, or we can give you access to our analytics tools if you prefer.

Who We Work With

We have worked with VSO, ICS, ODI, IIED and Sierra Club, among others. They have used Voxter for impact assessment, stakeholder engagement, volunteer feedback, employee communications, and more general participatory research. More details can be found in the Case Studies section of our website.

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